The HackathonsUK unconference aims to bring hackathon organisers together to help share knowledge on how to improve our events! We'll be running sessions and talks to help share what we've learnt though organising our events!

We welcome anyone, whenever they are just getting started planning their first event or running their twenty fifth!


Time Activity
10:00 Doors Open
12:30 Lunch
18:00 Closing
19:00 Dinner


We are located in the Manchester Metropolitan University Business School:


  • Why is this event free?

    This unconference is an opportunity to meet up with other hackathon organisers. We provided food and host casual discussion groups, and we believe this event should be as accessible as possible to hackathon organisers.

  • Do you cover travel reimbursements?

    If you’re coming from England, we cover up to £50 per person.

  • What do you cover for travel reimbursements?

    We will reimburse you for any standard class travel by public transport that gets you to/from Manchester.

    If you drive, we payed 45p per mile, up to the maximum amounts described above.

  • What is an "unconference"?

    An unconference is a meeting driven by it's participants.

  • Do I need to have organised a hackathon before?

    Nope! We're here to help first time organisers learn how to get their events going!

  • What if I don't have something I have to talk about?

    The way the unconference is structured will help you work out what you want and need to learn to make your event the best possible!

    So you don't need to have anything preplanned as it'll come naturally.


This event would not be possible without our wonderful sponsors and partners!


Institute of Coding Levitation Events Thornhill Productions

Interested in supporting us?
Contact us at [email protected]!